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A Real World Humanitarian Logistics Model

  When a disaster such as a flood strikes, the response can be chaotic as various agencies and sources of supply converge on the stricken area. A humanitarian logistics model developed by the Center for Latin American Logistics Innovation (CLI) improves the efficiency of response efforts by taking a holistic view of these operations. CLIRead More

When the Heavy Hand of Government is Not a Burden

When the Heavy Hand of Government is Not a Burden

I’m no fan of Big Government, but there are some cases where a system-wide view is much more efficient than a localized, distributed view. An example in the supply chain space is US maritime policy. A broader, and more topical example, is managing the Ebola crisis. Americans have an almost visceral dislike for large, centralizedRead More

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Collaboration the Key to Unblocking Megacity Streets?

Picture a truck delivering product in a traffic-choked megacity and physical obstacles such as a maze of one-way streets come to mind. But hindrances like these are manifestations of a more fundamental problem: constantly changing traffic regulations. How do companies overcome regulatory speed bumps in sprawling urban areas where government is highly fragmented and theRead More